Hello and a hearty welcome to you, dear visitor.  In the interest of transparency, we would first like to say that there are two of us.  Due to the instinctively higher interest in mammals, we understand you are probably focused on the singular sloth.  That would be Her.  But let us not forget about our dear cork tree. That would be Him.  Sloth in a Corktree is who we are.

We are in our late 40s and mid 50s, and we can appreciate the fact that people ‘our age’ don’t often start blogs, or fire up Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snap, and SumoMe accounts.  That’s okay. We’re really not all that old.  We hope what we have to offer will be ageless and timeless and resonate with our readers.

We met under very special, if not exactly prime, circumstances. It’s a long story, and we do keep a Private World for certain things.  It is the background story which led to our meeting that we feel is worth sharing.  It is harrowing at times, while ultimately hopeful and quite beautiful.

We are adamant about making ourselves available to help anyone who finds themselves in a controlling, sexless, destructive marriage or relationship.  We have both been there and done that…..and survived.  You will find out more by visiting our Hard Stuff section.  It is also the forward-looking lust for life that we will be focusing on, and these elements will be splashed in vibrant word and color across our other pages as we bring ourselves back to life and love and adventures of all kinds.

Travel, Food, Fitness, Fun……..and all built from the ashes of two highly destructive prior marriages.  This is our story.  This IS…….a sloth in a cork tree.